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We are the Voices of Wai`anae – a Community Resource Collaboration and Action group.  

We  launched this website:  www.voicesofwaianae.com to help improve the communications within our community using digital technology to promote collaboration.

This website includes:  

        1. Copies of the past and current Waianae sustainable             communities plans to help understand the vision and             values of our community as expressed by kupuna             and community members during that part of our             history.

  2. Copies of past project plans developed but not       completed so we don’t need to reinvent the wheel if       a plan is still relevant.

  3. Other documents related to community development

Responses to our surveys say that the six main community concerns are:   (in no particular order or ranking)

We value your input and invite you to use this website.  Read and comment on our blog, take our survey, or use the contact page to share your ideas and let us know how you feel about our community issues.

Please spread the word and let others within your network know that we are a community ACTION group, here to help anyone needing assistance to help sustain our community’s  growth and stability.



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